New Home Warranty Inspections

As part of your property purchase, you received a standard warranty. There are many aspects to this warranty. One is safeguarding your deposit, and another is protection against delayed closings. You are likely more concerned with the physical defects of the building. Get a home inspector to check the defects. The warranty will cover those as well. However, coverage usually expires 12 months after the date of possession. When it comes to major structural defects, coverage can last for seven years, and others for two years, such as a leaking basement. On the other hand, most workmanship and material defects are only covered for one year. These things are mostly covered by your new home warranty. However, if you do not complete the warranty form, you are responsible for the repair.
You have the opportunity to inform your builder of any issues in your new home during this inspection. A representative from the builder performing the inspection may tell you that you have one year to identify and address these defects, which is great. But, do you know that damages and issues can no longer be claimed after you obtain their possession? As there can only be a claim if the problem was caused by the builder or it was already there.

What is Warranty Inspection?

The warranty process is incomplete without warranty inspections. Most people and businesses are already using inspection services to protect themselves against warranty fraud and other tricks. Even after following construction performance guidelines, there can be defects in your house. When you closed on your house, even though you had a pre-delivery inspection, it’s smart to have another one 11 months later because you will have more time to get any issues fixed that fall under their contract. Look for areas for improvement rather than waiting until problems arise. In order to remain safe, you need to remain open-minded and always seek out ways to make your warranty inspection procedure more effective and rewarding.

What is covered in the 1 Year Warranty Inspection?

With a one-year warranty inspection, you’ll be able to ensure that your new home is as high-quality as you anticipate. By doing so, you will make it easier to have your home-building company fix any defects that it ought to be responsible for. In other words, it is a way of safeguarding the financial investment you made in your new home. Thus, this warranty coverage is essential.
Additionally, you will be able to identify any possible future defects and receive general maintenance advice, allowing you to maintain your investment over time. It is essential to maintain your home even when it is new. Proper preventative maintenance is the key to preserving your home. For years to come, living in your new home will give you peace of mind. A 1-year warranty inspection is an inexpensive way to secure that peace of mind.


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